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Jinpyokaku Honten   (Kanbayashi Onsen)
1409 Hirao,Yamanouchi-machi,Shimotakai-gun,Nagano
N 364347   E 1382634
Special guest room "Futarishizuka"Many celebrities used to stay in this room.@


Jinpyokaku Honten is located at Kanbayashi-onsen in Nagano Prefecture.  Kanbayashi-onsen springs from world-famous gJigokudanih, where monkeys take an open-air bath.  Jinpyokaku Honten that is rich in onsen was established in 1901.  It is a historic ryokan, where Japanese famous writers such as Soseki Natsume, Yasunari Kawabata, and Akiko Yosano stayed for writing.  Hirofumi Ito, a politician of the Meiji period, who was pictured on the 1,000-yen bill until 1984 and the imperial family also stayed there.
The rooms of Jinpyokaku are in Japanese style, and you can make a choice from two room types. One is in the main building and the other is in the detached building. As Jinpyokaku is located in a quiet onsen resort, you feel very relaxed. It has an indoor bath for men and for women, and a Japanese garden-like open-air bath where men and women bathe together. It also has an oke bathtub that is unique to Japan. As both baths possess a system called gkakenagashih (the system supplying unchlorinated natural hot water), the hot water doesnft irritate the skin. You can heartily enjoy Japanese onsen supervised by a yumori (onsen keeper) who is well acquainted with and attached to onsen.
The landlady entertains you for Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy the main dish gshabu-shabuh with Shinsyu beef. It is exciting to see the colorful dishes such as fried freshwater fish and salad served one after another.
You can enjoy staying at a Japanese ryokan Jinpyokaku with atmosphere and feel relaxed. Recently Jinpyokaku has been popular among the tourists from Australia and some other countries.

There is an open-air bath where men and women bathe together.@
As the open-air bath provides sufficient space for men and women individually,you feel comfortable and relaxed there.An oke bathtub is provided for both men and women.@
Main dish called "shabu-shabu" with Shinsyu beef Shinsyu beef is prime meat and it is tender and juicy.@
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Price:15,900 ` 26,400 yen (per person per night.)
Including:Dinner and  Breakfast, Service charges & Tax.
Credits card: VISA

Check-in time: 15:00 Check-out time: 10:00
Number of guest rooms: 10
TEL: 0269-33-3151   FAX: 0269-33-2638
@ Access (from Tokyo)
JR Tokyo Sta.`Nagano Sta. (Nagano Shinkansen) 100 min.Nagano Sta. ` Kanbayashi-onsen guchi Sta. (Nagano Dentetsu bus) 40 min.Kanbayashi-onsen guchi ` Jinpyokaku 5 minutesf walk
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